It's a loaded word for us here at Shepherd Financial, and when our clients use it to describe us, then we know we have successfully delivered value.

Considering Who You Are

Shepherd Financial is an independent objective Financial Services firm that takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to the finances of our clients.  We  examine a number of areas  and how they can and do affect one another - and you.  We want to incorporate your account values with your personal values.  We need to know what you value, what are your priorities and how you want to achieve them before we can consider how  to guide you forward into the kind of future you want to live in.

We want to get to know you, better.

Considering What The Options Are

As an independent firm we have the ability to find effective strategies, no matter where they are.  We are also associated with networks of national firms that can offer specialty services for rare and unique situations that can benefit from the assistance of  experienced professionals.   We are not limited by proprietary restrictions, so we analyze a number of strategies by considering the suitability of all prudent and available options.

We want to serve you, objectively.

Considering How Things Change

Life changes, and so do we - we're people, not rocks.  We do our very best to consider what kind of changes might come your way in the future, and plan accordingly.  But  some times life can shake things up - leading you to possibly adjust your needs, interests, or even priorities.  This is why we are committed to connecting with our clients, at least annually to keep in touch.  As life changes, so can our plans, and we are committed to be there with you to understand how best to adapt and move forward into an ever-changing future. 

As the world and the markets change, we need to understand how to read our environment and the context we are in, learning the best way to adapt and benefit from it.  The scenes and seasons may change - but your Shepherd will be by your side.

We want to stay with you, longer.

Consider Us

Shepherd Financial Vision

Developing an environment where the people we come in contact with are prepared to effectively shape their financial future in a way that reflects their values and objectives.