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About Paul

Paul grew up on a dairy farm in Brandon, VT.  In college Paul studied Software Engineering at R.I.T. for two years before transferring back to UVM to complete his degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Math.  Paul has served in the Vermont Legislature (2015-2016) and was appointed by the Governor in 2018 to serve on the Green Mountain Secure Retirement Board, which aims to help bring low-cost retirement saving opportunities to Vermont's small business employees.

Why Shepherd Financial?

There are too many "two name" forms out there that spend million on advertising and marketing, throw their clients into the same volatile and risky investments, and charge painful fees, only to dump them to the curb because the client is "too small" when they ask for some help.

At Shepherd Financial we are working to take care of all our members, and help lead them to greener pastures by working to guide and protect them from the wolves of Wall St.

What's it like working with you?

It's pretty simple.  We're not right for everybody.  At your first meeting we will spend some time getting to understand your goals and your situation.  If based on those two things we're not a good fit - or we're not the best person to help you next, it might be a shorter meeting. 

But if we can help you, and if you want our help we'll give you a few options.  One options is to do nothing different than you're already doing, and that's fine with us.

Members, Not Clients

When we are a fit for someone, we welcome them into our family, not our "Book of business".  We don't have clients at Shepherd Financial, we have Members.

Once you become a Member you will get:
-Invitations to our Seminars
-Extra Tickets to bring friends, co-workers, neighbors or family
-Invitations to Member Appreciation Events
-Paul's personal cell number
-Annual reviews, either in-person, or by phone or video conference (YOUR choice!)
...and more!